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Wheel Restoration
16" 18" Wheels

Harley- Davidson Star hub, Kelsey Hayes Wheel Restoration

Restore Your 16" or 18" Wheels

Wheels are disassembled Bead blasted and inspected

Hubs are cleaned ,races are honed and fit with new bearings,  new sleeve and parts as needed star covers are parkerized & hubs are powder coated for durability

Rims are checked for straightness [ rim straightening available at extra cost],

rims are painted black or powder coated black

 New Buchanan  spokes installed, cadmium or stainless

Wheels are then laced and trued well within factory specs


Rebuild your bare hub $325.00

Rebuild your complete hub $195.00

Paint rim $90.00

Straighten rim $85.00

New cadmium plated spokes $140.00

Cadmium plate your spokes $60.00

Stainless steel spokes $150.00

Lace & true $90.00

Plus shipping